International Congress on Risks and Emergencies

CIRE 2018 tackles the new advances and challenges in the field of wildfire and structural fires, rescues and communication in emergencies. National and international speakers from the best emergency services of the world will meet in Castellón, a province with a wide tradition in the congress organization of innovation and knowledge. A great international forum for fire departments, emergency services, researchers and professionals in the industry and communication field, where you can analyze experiences and real cases of recent emergencies.

CIRE 2018


CIRE18 is organized by Castellon's Provincial Government and Castellón Province Fire Department. Public institutions which provide Prevention, Firefighting Services, and Rescue services to a territory of 6.000 square kilometers and 134 municipalities.

CIRE 2018 will have

Emergency Experts from All over the World

The CIRE 2018 brings together the best national and international speakers in emergency field in Castellón. Professionals from different Fire Departments, specialists in rescue, researchers and media experts will share their experiences.

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Full Program CIRE 18

Three days of talks, conferences and perspective exchanges about emergencies, security and the development of active prevention policies.

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Day 01 full schedule

01 October, 2018

Institutional Presentation of CIRE 2018

Institutional presentation by Javier Moliner, President of Castellon's provincial Government, Eva Alcón, rector at Jaume I University, Vicente Guarch, Mapfre's Territorial General Director. "El Palacio de las Aulas" is the Provincial Council headquarters and it will host the official presentation of International Congress on Risks and Emergencies CIRE 2018. "El Palacio de las Aulas" preserves some of the most important cultural and historical remains of the province of Castellón. It is an emblematic building where the presentation ceremony will take place, speakers will be welcomed and the keys of this great international forum that addresses the new advances and challenges in terms of risks and emergencies will be made known.

Prevention workshops for schoolchildren

"Plaza de las aulas"


Day 02 full schedule

02 October, 2018

Delivery of the identity cards to the members of the congress.


Opening Ceremony of the Congress


Presentation: Coordination and planning in New York structural fires


Joseph Carlsen & Jeffrey Facinelli

Division Commander Chief-FDNY and Battalion Chief-FDNY


Presentation: Intervention in Fires in High-rise buildings: The case of London

london fire

Richard Welch

London Fire Brigade Commander

Presentation: Virtual Reality applied to structural fires


Inma Remolar

PhD Jaume I University

Presentation: New technologies for fire prevention


Andrés Pedreira & Joaquín Juárez

Secretary-General of APICI and Corporate Management of Security and Environment of MAPFRE

Round Table: Structural fires. Future challenges

Jeffrey Facinelli, Joseph Carlsen, Richard Welch, Inma Remolar, Andrés Balfagó (Head of operations Castellon Province Fire Department), Tomás Asensio (Inspector of Valencia Fire Department)


Question Time



Presentation: The importance of drowing prevention

José Palacios

Professor of the INEF at the A Coruña University

Presentation: Drowning campaigns prevention: Mapfre's experience

jesús monclús

Jesús Monclús

Head of prevention area of Fundación MAPFRE

Presentation: Technology applied to search and rescue operations at sea

José Manuel Allegue

Spanish Maritime Safety Agency. Coordination Center of Almería

Question Time

Day 03 full schedule

03 October, 2018

Presentation: The great fire of Valparaíso 2014, Chile

Raúl Bustos

President of Chile the National Board of Firefighters



Presentation: Wildfire and Wildland-Urban Interfaces Fires in the Mediterranean region, Montpellier case


Lieutenant Colonel Gilles Viriglio

Chief of the Group of Operational Action SDIS 34

Presentation: Challenges and operational proposals for wildland-urban interface fires

Fernando Kindelán

Forest Division Chief of Castellon Province Fire Department

Round Table: Planning, Resource mobilization and new challenges of Wildland-Urban Interfaces Fires

Raúl Bustos, Lieutenant Colonel Gilles Viriglio, Fernando Kindelán (Head of the forest section of Fire Consortium), Jorge Suárez (Deputy Director General Emergency AVSRE), Jorge Mateu (Full Professor of Statistics UJI), Lieutenant Colonel Javier Moreno (BIEM III UME)


Question Time



Presentation: Public communication in emergency services: 112 of Madrid Community

javier chivite

Javier Chivite

The spokesperson of the emergency center 112 Madrid Community

Presentation: Communication as a prevention tool

sebastian quintana

Sebastián Quintana

Specialized journalist in Dissemination Prevention by Drowning

Round Table: The story of emergencies: Towards an informed and prevented society

Javier Chivite, Francisco Fernández Beltrán (Service Head of Communication and Publications at Jaume I University), Representative Cabinet Communication AVSRE, Ginés Llorca (Representative of A3 Media CV), Carlos Miguel López (Editor Head of Mediaset CV and Murcia), Ferrán Garrido (TVE Journalist), José Luis Valencia (Director Mediterraneo newspaper)


Question Time


Institutional Closing Ceremony

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Frequent Questions

Q. Where to stay in Castellón?

The city of Castellón is one of the three capitals of the Valencian Community. It is well located and connected to its metropolitan area. There are several hotels close to the Congress building where you can stay. You can get to the Congress building by tram or bus. If you are looking for a whole stay you can visit other close places like Benicasim which has a wide choice of restaurants.

Q. How to get to Castellón?

Castellón has an airport, rail access, harbor which is a few kilometers from the Congress building and an excellent road connection. Castellón is a cozy city in so many aspects, the mobility in the city and the arrival at the building Congress won’t be a problem for you.

Q. Is it free to enroll the Congress?

Yes, signing up for the Congress is totally free. There is a limited capacity that is the reason why if you want to attend the congress, enroll as soon as possible.

Q. Does this congress offer credits recognition for university students?

Yes, the attendance at the congress recognizes credits for Jaume I University Students of Castellón.

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Promotion to innovation

CIRE 2018 Organizers

The Castellón Council, Provincial Fire Consortium of Castellón and Fundación MAPFRE organize CIRE 2018, the biggest forum exchange of experiences and innovation about risks and emergencies. Jaume I University of Castellón is the main collaborating entity of the congress.

Fundación MAPFRE

Fundación MAPFRE has more than forty years of experience, it is well known as a global foundation which has a compromise with people welfare and social progress. The foundation, as a non-profit organization created by MAPFRE, works to improve the quality of people’s life and the progress of the society through multinational programs and activities.

Congress Building


CIRE 2018 takes place at the Paranimf building of Jaume I University of Castellón, it is a reference place for The Valencian Community congresses. Fill out the form and get your place.